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Waco Optical gives our patients the option and convenience of filling their eyeglass prescription in-house. Our opticians have a combined experience of nearly 90 years in helping patients select the proper lenses and frames that fit their
life-style. The professional fitting by our trained opticians assure patients that they are getting not only the proper prescription, but also the proper alignment of the lenses.  The combination of these two factors is critical for comfortable vision with their glasses. Our frames vary from light-weight, flexible, strong, to hypoallergenic. We cater to the budget-minded and also carry high-end designer frames and sunglasses. 

We are also very proud to announce that we have TWO opticians (David and Laurie) who are certified by the American Board of Opticianry!


Coach, Oakley, Silhouette, Maui Jim, RayBan, 
Wiley X, Tura, Jimmy Choo, and Kate Spade.


Our prescription and non-prescription sportswear brands include Oakley, Wiley X,
and Maui Jim. 

We are also a source for OSHA approved industrial safety lenses.

Pictured at right: Laurie: 27 years of experience,Patty: 32 years of experience, David: 32 years
of experience,
Annette is our contact lens technician with 42 years experience and Morgan is our optical receptionist.


Waco Optical can also meet your contact lens fitting and evaluation needs as well. Annette Hendrix is our contact lens technician. She is certified with CLSA (Contact Lens Society of America), has been fitting contact lenses for 42 years, and has been with Waco Optical for 34 years. Annette is also capable of fitting contacts for keratoconus patients and has topography available for corneal mapping. She takes great pride in her expertise fitting you with a lens that you feel most comfortable wearing and that maximizes your visual needs. You, your doctor, and Annette will work together to determine which is the best type of lens for your eyes. Most contact lenses are available the next day. Waco Optical also has contact solutions and AREDS eye vitamins for purchase.


Soft contact lens options: 

  • Spherical (standard)

  • Toric (for astigmatism)

  • Multifocal (allow both distance and intermediate/computer vision)

  • Toric multifocal (allow for both distance and intermediate/computer vision in patients with astigmatism)

  • Monovision (one eye for distance, one eye for near vision)

  • Cosmetic (tinted lenses that change the color of the eyes, available in both prescription and non-prescription).

  • NOW OFFERING: daily disposable contacts in standard spherical lenses as well as torics and multifocals


Hard contact lens (RGP) options: 

  • Single Vision 

  • Multifocal

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