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TOC Eye and Face based out of Austin, TX specializes in high-quality cosmetic and reconstructive facial, eyelid, and orbital surgery. Dr. Sean Blaydon is a board-certified ophthalmologists who completed advanced fellowship training in eyelid, orbital, lacrimal and facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. 


Services provided cover a broad range of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures to include eyelid surgery, eyebrow and forehead lifts, face lifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, laser skin treatment, facial and body fat transfer, facial fillers, Botox, management of eyelid and facial skin cancers, scar revision, orbital surgery, correction of tearing disorders, and management of maxillo-facial trauma. The majority of the surgery is performed in Austin at TOC’s outpatient ambulatory surgery center, the Center for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Eyelid and Orbital Surgery (CAREOS).


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