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At Waco Eye Associates, our patients have the option and convenience of filling their eyeglass prescription at our in-house optical shop, Waco Optical.  Our optical shop can provide our patients with same-day service through our on-site finishing lab.  Glasses can be ready to wear within twenty minutes if your lens prescription is within our inventory.  Specialty lenses usually arrive within 3-5 business days.

Our opticians have a combined experience of over 40 years helping our patients select the proper lenses for their vision and the fashionable frames that fit their life-style.  At Waco Optical we will personally help you choose the best lens material for your prescription, from glass, plastic, high-index, polycarbonate, or trivex, taking into account your needs as far as durability, weight, thickness, and vision correction.  Our frames vary from light-weight, flexible, strong, to hypoallergenic.  We cater to the budget-minded, to vision plan products, and also high-end frames and sunglasses.  Some brand-name frames offered at Waco Optical include:

-  Ray Ban

- Oakley

- Maui Jim

-  Kate Spade

-  Coach

-  Polo

-  Silhouette

-  Wiley X


Sports Wear

Waco Optical carries a full selection of prescription and non-prescription Oakleys and Wiley X for sports and/or motorcycle enthusiasts.  To protect your young athlete’s eyes, we offer a variety of protective eye glasses and goggles.  We are also a source for OSHA-approved industrial safety lenses.


Contact Lenses

Waco Optical can also meet your contact lens fitting and evaluation needs as well.  Our contact lens technicians take great pride in their expertise fitting you with a lens that you feel most comfortable wearing and that maximizes your visual needs.  As with all cases, you, your doctor, and our technicians will work together to determine which is the best type of lens for your eyes.  We are also one of the few optical shops in Waco that specializes in multifocal/toric and hard to fit contact lens prescriptions.

Soft Contact Lenses – These lenses are made from Silicon Hydrogel materials which retain moisture well and allow more oxygen to the cornea than lens materials of the past.  Some are meant to be replaced daily while others are removed nightly and replaced on every two-week to monthly intervals.  There are extended wear contacts, but our physicians are very conservative about fitting these lenses and do not recommend them for most patients, due to the risk of sight-threatening infections.

Spherical Lenses – these lenses correct for distance vision only for patients without astigmatism

Toric Lenses – these lenses are made from the same materials as spherical lenses, but designed differently in order to account for astigmatism as well.

Bifocal and Muti-focal – these lenses work in several different ways to account for distance and near (bifocal) vision or for distance, intermediate, and near (multi-focal) vision.

Monovision – these lenses are for patients who need near correction, where one eye is corrected for distance vision (usually the dominant eye) and the other is “under-corrected” for near (usually the non-dominant eye).

Cosmetic – these lenses are used to temporarily change the color of your eyes and are available in both prescription and non-prescription form.

Gas Permeable Lenses – or RGP’s, are made of special plastic that allows for the passage of oxygen and other gasses.  They are very durable and often recommended for patients with very high astigmatism or other corneal diseases that require a more specific fit.  These lenses are also available in both single-vision or multifocal technology.

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